Brothers Rally Team

The Brothers Rally Team consists of three cars, their drivers and co-drivers, who are participating in the Tour du Péloponnèse. The team name is based on three brothers: Simon, James (Jim) and Jonathan Papworth - who plan to make this year's adventure one of mass friviolity.

Car 1
is a 1971 Alpha Romeo Spider 1750 driven by Julian Bush with Simon Papworth as co-pilot, and keeping Julian topped up with wine. Julian won the rally in 2018 with his XK150 and his wife, Sarah, as co-driver, so Simon has lots to live up to - both in looks and navigation. The XK150 suffered an electical fault last year so here's hoping the Alfa is more reliable.

Car 2
is a 1965 MGB Roadster called Rosie driven by Jim Papworth with his son Sam Papworth as co-driver. This is the third year Rosie has been on the rally, the first year the gearbox oil seal failed and we had to take the engine out on arrival in Greece. The second year the prop shaft failed and needed replacing in Milan, as well as suffering brake servo failure. This year - anything might happen, but you can't keep an old MG down !!

Car 3
is a 1968 MGC Roadster driven by the third brother, Jonathan Papworth, with his wife Lynn Papworth as co-driver. This is also the third year for this MG, which also suffered from a brake servo leaking on the first year but the car still finished in third place. Last year this team was in first place at the end of the second day but one minor mistake (missing a junction) cost 26 places.

All three cars are running with Gauge Pilots as their magic weapon to help in the timed stages. The three brothers are joined by three other british teams making a contingency of six cars travelling from the UK to Greece. The rally consists in total of about 50 teams from over ten different countries.